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Problem: To get listed on another websites link page you often need to trade links. It can be a problem if the person submitting links doesn't have your ftp server information to update your links page.

Solution: With this simple, but powerful links script you can give the username and password to the admin panel so that someone on your team can update the page with links. Allows deletion and editing of links also.

How does it work? How does it work?

The best way to find out how it works is to give it a try.

You can access the admin area here. You will need the following username and password to gain access:

Username - webmaster
Password - 4tugboat

Feel free to add links, edit links and delete links.

To see the links page that gets created, click here.

With your purchase, you'll also receive an image upload script. Some links are hyperlinked from images so this is a very handy feature. You can display text links or image links. There is also an option to enter your affiliate html code for easy display.

Full support is offered with your purchase.

If you'd like to add the convenience of the Five Star Admin Links System to your website, click here and add it to your cart for only $24.95.

Click the cart and you'll be transported to the purchase page:

Purchase Five Star Admin Link System

Requirements: PHP and MYSQL

Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script