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Why Add User Reviews to Your Website?

Before purchasing a product or using a service most shoppers will do research to find the best quality or best priced item. In addition to comparing price, shoppers will seek out the opinions of others. Offering reviews on your website has many benefits for you and your visitors. Some of the top websites on the internet have prominent review features. Examples include amazon.com, pricegrabber.com, shopping.com, epinions.com, yahoo.com and the list goes on and on.

Top Five Reasons to Add Reviews to Your Site:

1. Increase sales. If you offer a product or service, other user reviews can help increase sales. People find comfort in knowing that others have used the product with good results. It has the same selling power as a well written testimonial.

2. Search engines love original unique content. Each user review adds original content to your website and will often be keyword rich for your product or service.

3. Gets your users involved and active on your site. Someone considering purchasing a product on your site will check back frequently to read new reviews which will help in the decision making process.

4. Many sites offering reviews have a feature which allows the user to notify their friends about a specific product. Now your users are marketing for you!

5. Increase ancillary income by selling ad space and serving target ads, such as those offered by Google AdSense. If a user is interested in purchasing a digital camera and an add is next to the reviews displaying digital cameras, you have the opportunity of generating the income from that user clicking on that ad.

Adding this feature has too many positive benefits to ignore. The cost for such a feature is very low compared to all that can be gained.

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